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I am a spanish girl who loves Lolita Fashion and natural, cute and soft styles! I am 22 years old. Diplomaed in Tourism.

domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Ayer fui al cine a ver "Origen". La película me gustó bastante, pero creo que no merecía los 7.50€ que costó la entrada.
I went to the cinema to watch the film "Origen", yesterday. I liked the film so much, but I think that it was not worth the € 7.50 that the entry cost.

En la foto, con la peluca de Bodyline! (Algunas personas me dicen que parezco Marisol! jajaja)
On the photo, me with the Bodyline wig! (Some people say me that I look like Marisol! hahaha)

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