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miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Little Dipper - Underskirt/Petticoat

I finally got one of my dream lolita pieces since I had knowledge about it! (Well, I wanted the JetJ one http://juliette-et-justine.com/products/detail.php?product_id=888 but it was always too expensive for my pocket).

I ordered this underskirt through Nana Jun's website the 4th Aug. : https://sites.google.com/site/juniefantasyparlor/undergarment/ld003
She answered me the next day. I paid the total amount (76$ with CNE shipping) and I just had to wait.
1 month later (2nd-3rd Sep.) the package was ready and shipped. The package arrived in 5 days without problems (It arrived to the 9th Sep.)

 I choose the cream colour with 60cm of length (I'm 174,5cm just for reference) You have to provide your waist size, but don't worry, the skirt has full shirring to fits super comfortable, you can put it also on your hips, so you can regulate the "length" by yourself.

It came super well packaged!

The underskirt doesn't have volumen by itself 
A friend of mine told me about make mori-girl coords with it!
 (I'm wearing an "A" petticoat under it)
It feels very soft, but not a light weight xD

Trying this underskirt with an Innocent World dress (Philarmonic Angel Jsk - Ivory x Brown)
The color is exactly the same as the dress. Super pretty "cream" which fits extremly well with the rest of the dresses!

I have always been complained about my length and I wasn't allowed to buy a lot of pretty dresses because of their "short" length, or to wear high heel shoes that I loved, but this item makes me feel really really good with myself wearing all that I was afraid to wear or I didn't want to before. It makes me feel like a real princess, with a lot of elegance, classic and femenine!

I wish that all of you who likes this kind of style, try to buy this item!